There is news about this Premiership club being taken over by a new management.

It is a group that is spear fronted by Simon Orange. With the pictures that are out on the web the acquisition seems like a happy one. Steve Diamond, being the director of rugby, was found to be beside Simon Orange. Simon again is a public figure, being associated with Jason, ex member of the Take That group. The change will come by in the Sharks that were previously owned by Ian Blackhurst and Brian Kennedy. Both were shareholders in majority. They were co owners of the rugby team. They had taken over the team in 2000 and helped build a team that would go on to win the European Challenge Cup in 2002 as well as in 2005.

Sale is part of the European Champions Cups as well. They finished sixth and even have a title in the Premiership in 2006. Hence, a deal having come about in such a tenure should work well for the team, egging them on with greater funds and opportunities.

The deal and prospects of the same had been on from the beginning of the year. Sale is known to have performed with resilience over the past 16 years in the new millennium. That was when it was under the ownership of people like Brian Kennedy. Orange is confident that he will be able to build on that success and help the team achieve greater heights. He stated that they had investments planned and with that they will be able to close the gap that exists between Sale Sharks and other teams that are on top. With the new season starting off, the team is also enthusiastic about the change and the new opportunities that it will bring forth for them.