Leicester Tigers managed to win third victory consecutively and the latest was over the Sale Sharks in the Aviva Premiership.

It was all due to the efforts of Laurence Pearce by which Leicester got a break and a lead by 20-3 which was due to a penalty trying from the close scrum. In the second half the game of Sale Sharks improved and it was all due to the efforts of Tom Arscott who stuck a passing move.

The entire territory could not be covered by Sharks as they could not capitalise on it and Seremaia Bai confirmed the victory for the hosts with his late attempt. The display showed by Leicester was forward and they could put a break to the team of Sale as they were coming back for vengeance after the first half. The Sale had won the previous three matches yet it was the Leicester Tigers who were sweating it out in the afternoon.

The pressure was huge in the early stage from the hosts yet they took the penalty all credit going to Burns. It was in the half way line that Nick Macleod levelled it from the line which was halfway. It is a shame for Sale Sharks as they have not yet managed to beat the Leicester Tigers in the 12 competition so far. Pressure was continued by Leicester and it was Pearce who scored his first attempt in the Premiership.

Bai was shown a yellow card and that is when Sale Sharks were showing signs of improvement and it was 11th attempt of the Arscott which was a touchdown. Places have been swapped by both teams as Leicester Tigers have now occupied the 5th position which was governed by Sale Sharks. The director of Leicester Tigers pointed out that they have to hold nerves for the remaining matches.