There is a long tradition of sports betting in Britain, and bookmakers’ shops have been present in high streets around the country for a very long time, but at the same time, it does seem as if this activity has experienced a growth in popularity during the last ten-to-fifteen years.

It is likely that there are a few different reasons for this, but one of them is almost certainly the availability of such services on the internet – as there has also been a rise in the number of people playing games like slots at the various online casino pages on the net.

The biggest impact that online gambling has had is simply in making betting on football and other sports much easier and more convenient than it used to be – as people can now get all the information about odds that they need and put the bets down, all without having to leave the house. This has likely also made sports betting more attractive to people who may have found the old land-based bookies a slightly intimidating or alien environment – particularly those with limited experience of putting bets on sports. Being able to learn online removes that element and that has surely played a major part in broadening its appeal.

The same is true of online casino gaming, as there is no doubt that land-based versions of these can carry a similarly uncomfortable, unfamiliar feeling for many. Nowadays people are able to play games offering cutting edge graphics or a great jackpot from the privacy of their homes, or even on their phones – thanks to apps at mobile casino sites. This has moved both casino and sports betting into the modern world, whereas other forms of entertainment have failed to make this shift, and of course the sporting themed slots games at casino sites mean that many are now combining sports betting and casino gambling.