All hopes of the Sales Sharks club came to an end when they were sent packing off after their loss against the Brives.

The French side put up a spectacular performance an ensured their win with a score of 19-9 and won with a considerable margin.

The 2002 and 2005 winners of the Amlin Cup were hoping to have proceeded to the semi finals after their match with the Brives, but were sadly mistaken and were outmuscled right from the very beginning.

It was quite a close game in the beginning where each side mad sure that they put up a strong defense and prevented the opponent team from taking charge of weak positions.

Both Sales Sharks and Brives were battling it out to make sure that they have the upper hand at all points during the game and stayed at the same position throughout. Sales Sharks did win a penalty in the beginning when Brives was penalized in their own put in. the French side did end up with a victory towards the end with a penalty shoot. Overall it was quite an interesting and impressive game to watch and enjoy as each side showed a full array of skill and talent which ended up in an excellent manner.

Sales Sharks need to focus on their future games and excel in their game play so that they manage to do well in their further endeavors and matches that take place. Losses do come up for every team , but it is up to them to man up and become better and focus on all their weak areas and improve on it so that they become unbeatable with the best in the game. After all losses are the pillars to success for every team.