The Chief Executive of Sale Sharks, Steve Diamond was given an 18 week ban yesterday and will not be allowed to enter the playing enclosure or technical areas.

The ban which expires on June 20th was given by the Rugby Football Union as Steve Diamond was found guilty of abusing a match official at the Aviva Premiership.

This was taken as a serious offense as Steve Diamond was seen try9ing to communicate with the match officials before, at and even after the event.

It was a wise decision from the Rugby Football Union’s end as these matters should be sorted out at the earliest without hesitating to bother who is behind the role. The panel who were in charge of deciding the outcome was Judge Sean Enright along with two other panel members John Brennan and Geoff Payne.

Alongside the ban, Sale Sharks Chief executive Steve Diamond was also made to pay a fine of 4000 pounds. Use of verbal languages on the field should be strictly prohibited as this goes against the spirit of sportsman ship. Moreover, this verbal exchange continued for quite a while for a prolonged stretch of time and hence this decision was rightly made.

The only disadvantage is that the Sale Sharks will need to find some other chief executive to help them operate on the field for their future matches till the month of June. This might be on their top priority list and they need to ensure that it is sorted out at the earliest.

The decision was made on the grounds of going against rule number 5.12 given in the rule books of the Rugby Board. The decision was right and people cannot say much against the judges response.